zz. Fiber Optical Flexible Routing Assembly (FOFRA) and the PROBA-V satelitte


Routing a larger number of fibers is a time consuming and meticulous task. T&G Elektro offers the FOFRA (Fiber Optical Flexible Routing Assembly) product line which is able to accommodate designs after specifications of the customer with a high precision automatic routing. The FOFRA is an optical circuit board that offers a protected layout environment for fibers in a systematic high density pattern with a great manufacturing repeatability.

  • Small
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Light Mass
  • Accomodates complex routing patterns
  • Automatic routing


Launched in May 2013 on the PROBA-V satellite, T&G Elektro entered the space industry with the High dEnsity space foRM cOnnector Demonstration (HERMOD). HERMOD features four MPO/MTP assemblies with one channel per assembly monitoring the bit error rate at 100Mbps. To this day there have been no bit errors.