Engineering & Innovation

We view open mindedness to growth and change as an important part of innovation. Without it your business’s development can easily become stagnant. We strive to developing new skills, look for fresh ideas and are always open to establishing cooperative relationships. An positive attitude towards innovation allows for new business opportunities. A great example of an initiative like that would be a project for European Space Agency in which T&G Elektro participated.

The task which was given to us had us develop, test and qualify fiber optical cable assemblies made from components of European origins. The objective of this project was to producing fibre optic cable systems for future space missions.

Research & Development

We focus on R&D to secure our knowledge base and expand our portfolio for the customers.

R&D is a necessary activity that the company undertakes to develop new products, processes and services, or improve those that already exist. T&G Elektro is remaining competitive by investing in enhancing and extending its possibilities.

Meeting our customer’s needs is our goal as well as striving to be a European competence centre in the development and production of advanced fiber optic cable assemblies for space applications.


Since performance and durability of electrical or fibre optical components arecrucial. We are familiar with all kinds of testing software and tools, as we recognize the importance of testing due to our deep knowledge of the industry.
Therefore T&G Elektro offer a wide range of testing possibilities, thanks to our services you will know that you can rely on a product before you use it in a real-life scenario.

We have a good number of subcontractors that are capable of simulating components that work under variuos conditions. They are used for both environmental and mechanical qualification test programs.

Our facility holds a control/test division with top quality test equipment such as:


As we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing cable harnesses for multipurpose applications. T&G Elektro Engineers provides a precise service of design, which helps with identifying vulnerabilities at the early stage. That approach ensures avoidance of potential time and expenses consuming faults.

T&G Elektro provides these engineering services:


T&G Elektro has dedicated engineers that support the customers in all aspects of the project.

T&G Elektro offers a selection of training courses for fiber optics, such as:

T&G Elektro offers these training courses for copper cables: