Defence & Security

T&G Elektro’s certified manufacturing standards ensure that all connectors and cable harnesses solutions in military applications will be at peak performance – no matter the environment.

Mil-Spec connectors are built in accordance with military standards and are designed to withstand the harshest conditions like humidity, shock absorption, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Our vast selection of Military grade connectors (including circular connectors, PCB terminated connectors, D-sub connectors, I/O & RF connectors) provides buyers, design and maintenance engineers with access to a wide portfolio of MIL Spec 26482s, 38999s & 5015s& VG95234 connectors. 5015s& VG95234 connectors.

With our assembly rights for the 851 and 38999 MIL connectors in Norway, we can deliver small quantities within very short timeor provide a large stock for a cost-efficient price. 

Our services include designing and production of cable and harnesses solutions for all military purposes like vehicles, planes and missiles. Throughout 55 years of serving this industry, we have gathered a considerable amount of customer references from leading defence system manufacturers systems manufactures.

Below you will find examples of the usage of our products: