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Norwegian quality since 1955


Whether you need bespoke connection solutions, or off-the-shelf parts - we got you covered!

At T&G, we deliver custom made connection solutions dedicated to the most demanding projects. We also offer a wide variety of products including connectors, tools and accessories. Since 1984 we have been working with Fiber Optics. As a result of our experience, we are able to make small patch-cords or complex AeroSpace harnesses. 

Our teams provide and develop cutting edge technologies across markets like Defence, Aerospace, Telecom and Energy. All together we count around 200 employees with a total turnover of 250M NOK. Close cooperation with our customers and partners make us one of the leading Norwegian manufacturers and suppliers.


Due to the company’s beginning in Norway – our main market traditionally was in the Nordic area. Today we have consolidated our presence in Europe, Asia and America. Throughout the years we established partner companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Sri Lanka.


– Norwegian Quality Since 1955

T&G Elektro was established by Mr. Torp and Mr.Grimsgaard in Oslo, in 1955. The company originally started with import and sales of transistors. As the business evolved, contacts and connectors were added to the portfolio, and by 1978 the business was heavily focused on connection technologies. Fiber Optical products were introduced in1982.  
Timeline showing T&G's history.

What We Offer

We provide a wide variety from micro connectors, PCB connectors and high-speed connectors to high power connectors for power supply.

Today T&G Elektro work both as an agent, representative, or distributor for different connector, cable and tool manufacturer around the world as well as an assembly house for connectors and an integrated manufacturer of special cable solutions. We offer production of fiber optics from 3 different production facilities, electric cable from 4 sites and connector assembly from 2 sites.

We have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge about the market, and our services consist of complete standard solutions with “off the shelf” components and tailored to your needs special connection solutions. We use CAD 2D and 3D software and offer complete documentation packages and test documents.

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