Supply Chain Management

Managing solid relations with suppliers was always a priority for T&G Elektro AS.

We are particularly looking for long-term partnerships since throughout the years we recognized that kind of cooperation turns out for both sides the best.

Supply Chain is a key focus area and our goal is to establish a competitive advantage by building a firm network of companies we work with. This is possible by setting high requirements for our suppliers and following up with inspections and risk mitigation while focusing on continuous improvement. We approach each partner individually and with great care because we understand that mutual trust and professionalism is important in building business relations.


See attached our General Terms & Conditions for Purchase.

Dear supplier, we are working to make the earth a better place for all coming generations. When you offer and sell MOQ's, you produce and deliver more products than actual demand and the surplus will in the end be waste. Please do your best to offer and deliver what we need and not more. Thank you for contributing to a sustainable environment. Best regards, T&G Management

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