Assisting You Through Design and Manufacturing
to Testing and Delivery

Exceptional customer service means that your needs are our priority. We do everything to meet our customers’ expectations. Personnel with solid technical knowledge and sales managers are available for you to ensure that you receive competent and prompt advice. Our dependable employees will help you select the best solution for your products or projects – from design to delivery

In addition to our wide range of products, we offer bespoke production services of connection solutions. As we have deep insight into the industry, we recognize the importance of compliance and quality in delivering high-value products to customers. Our facilities equipped with modern manufacturing and test equipment, ensure that our products comply with standards. 

T&G is certified by a third party for both electrical and fiber optical production processes. This is according to IEC norms and IPC guidelines.    All of our manufacturing sites maintain certification standards.

Connector Assembly


Our third party quality accreditation rights to build connectors in our factory in Norway gives you more flexibility in terms of order quantity and reduced delivery time.

We assemble the following connector types:

Special custom made connector solutions

We have developed a smart adapter solution enabling you to use low cost commercial USB/D-Sub/RJ45 cables on equipment that have MIL-connector or similar as their in/output, such as for example high-speed cameras. In such a case, the manufacturer of the equipment may supply very expensive cables with for example RJ 45 in one end and MIL-connector in the other end. If used in the field and damaged, you`ll get a high cost by replacing these all the time.
By using our adapter solution, you can use low-cost patch cables instead with great cost saving possibilities.

Cable & Harness


T&G Elektro have been working with cable and harness assemblies since 1980. Our facilities enable cost efficient large volume production and fast single piece manufacturing.

From procuring and assembling components to performing final functional tests, we offer complete turnkey solutions for build-to-print production. We have very good experience in the design, construction and manufacturing of electrical and fiber optical Harnesses. Our engineering capabilities cover all customer needs.

Image of a cable

Engineers in T&G Elektro have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing cable harnesses for multipurpose applications:

Electric & Fiber Optic Cable Harness

We develop, design, qualify, test and manufacture electrical and fiber optical harnesses and cable systems to our customer’s specifications. We work actively to improve the processes and propose alternatives to improve the quality, reduce the lead time, costs and environmental footprint. 

T&G Elektro have been working with cable, fibre optics and harness assemblies for over 30 years. Our facilities enable cost-efficient large volume production and fast single piece manufacturing.