Corporate Social Responsibility

At T&G Elektro we take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We have been a member of UN Global Compact since 2013 and report our progress to UN annually. UN Global Compact is based on the ten principles listed below. In order to become a supplier for us, you have to acknowledge these ten principles. We measure how well our suppliers conform with these principles on a yearly basis using the Sustainability survey created by Orixe.

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a part of our daily work. At T&G Elektro AS, CSR is in the little, tangible things, such as making sure that all our employees know how to correctly recycle, that we facilitate green commuting to work and that put very hard demands on our suppliers.





Illustration of the then principles of United Nations global compact principles

Local CSR Activities

Although we have a universal commitment towards the 10 principles of UN Global Compact, many of our CSR activities are in our own local communities.

Where our plant is located, at Nes i Ådal, we take a particular responsibility of being an inclusive workplace, as we are the largest business in the area. We also support the local cross-country skiing club and Ringerike Golfklubb in the area. Since the plant is located in a remote area, we put emphasis on having a strong emergency preparedness team.

Around our headquarters at Høvik we support our local soccer team, Stabæk, in their sustainability work towards ill, handicapped and disadvantaged people in local community. We moreover make annual contributions to The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and the Salvation Army.

Our next step to improve our CSR work is to obtain an ISO14001 certification and thus improve our environmental management system. This is scheduled for early 2022.

Certified environmental management system

To ensure that we uphold high environmental standards, we chose to become ISO14001:2015 certified in the summer of 2022.

As a part of our continuous improvement program, we also work actively with substituting parts not compliant with REACH and RoHS to greener materials.

This implies suggesting alternatives to our clients. If you need suggestions for how to get rid of lead and cadmium in your  harnesses, we can help you out!