The values we identify will play an important role in everything we do.
They are motivators for constant growth and improvement.


Quality assurance is part
of our DNA and included
in all our processes and
everything we do. T&G is
certified to EN9100 and


We use the newest software
and hardware solutions to
tailor our products to meet
our customers’ needs. The
combination of experience,
skilled employees and
our fast track production
facilities ensures precise
order fulfilment.


Since 1955 we have
delivered quality products
to technologically
advanced projects. The
expertise provides cutting
edge services for our

About Us

Today T&G Elektro work both as an agent, representative or distributor for different  connector, cable and tool manufacturer around the world as well as an assembly house for connectors and an integrated manufacturer of special cable solutions.

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Wide Product Portfolio to Cater Our Customer Needs

T&G Elektro is a distributor and manufacturer of interconnection components – from parts to systems.

Our international supplier network guaranty you access to the latest technologies for a competitive price for large and small volumes. With an efficient internal inventory and access to brand leading inventories, we reduce the complexity of your manufacturing cycle and permit cost effectiveness. We are a leading supplier of electrical and fiber optical cable systems, harness solutions and connectors for defense, space, telecommunication and offshore applications.


We can provide a large selection of adapters and backshells to …

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Cable & Wires

Out of the shelf or custom made cables for multipurpose…


Connectors for application from under water to outer…

Harnesess & Cable

Cable assemblies and harness solutions from pilot to…