Our third party quality accreditation rights to build connectors in our factory in Norway gives you more flexibility in terms of order quantity and reduced delivery time.
We do assemblies for the following connector types:

  • MIL – C – 38999 serie 3 connectors
  • VG95234 connectors
  • 851 ( MIL- C-26482 ser.1) connectors
  • Quadrax
  • Special custom made connector solutions:

We have developed a smart adapter solution enabling you to use low cost commercial USB/D-Sub/RJ45 cables on equipment that have MIL-connector or similar as their in/output, such as for example high-speed cameras. In such a case, the manufacturer of the equipment may supply very expensive cables with for example RJ 45 in one end and MIL-connector in the other end. If used in the field and damaged, you`ll get a high cost by replacing these all the time.
By using our adapter solution, you can use low-cost patch cables instead with great cost saving possibilities.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with special requests.