Our international partner network guarantee you access to the latest technologies for a competitive price for large and small volumes. With an efficient internal inventory and access to brand leading inventories, we reduce the complexity of your manufacturing cycle and permit cost effectiveness. Our product portfolio is impressive and based on our stock capabilities we can reduce lead-time and MOQ for you without compromising the price.
Our line cards is shown below:

ATI eléctronique

“A specialist in passive components for professional electronics”

  • Micro D & microminiature connectors
  • Connectors for printed circuits boards
  • Hyper frequency components
  • Components for fiber optics
    • Military
    • Aerospace
    • Rail
    • Telecommunications
    • Industry
    • Medicine application



  • Appliactions:
    • Automation
    • Control systems
    • Data transmission
    • Measuring systems
    • Local computer networks
    • Alarm-security networks
    • Audio-video systems
  • High precision drawing dies and extrusion tooling from the hardest world-known maretials


FCT Electronic

Manufacturer of D-Sub connectors and accessory:

  • D-Sub. Mixed Layout & High Density connectors.
  • Complete range of Hoods.
  • Steel-free connectors for customised application in the medical marked.
  • Contacts: high power high current coaxial & non-magnetic contacts.


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation

As the World Leader in Tool Systems & Technology for the Aerospace, Military and Telecommunications Industries.

  • Complete range of tool for installation and rework of military and industrial connectors.
  • Backshell assembly tools.
  • Complete capability for maintenance and product applications.
  • Safe-T-Cable ®



  • Circular connectors for industrial applications
    – Subminiature circular connectors
    – Miniature circular connectors
    – Circular connections for machines
  • Connectors for automation technology
    – Sensor circular connectors
    – AS-Interface components
    – Sensor special connectors
    – Magnetic valve connectors
  • Customized solutions



Manufacturer of high frequency coaxial connector, and global leader in technology and innovation.

  • RF Coaxial Products
  • RF Automotive Connectors
  • Test & Measurement Products
  • RosenbergerHSD® – High Speed Data Systems
  • Fiber Optic Products
  • RF-Cable Connections for Mobile Radio Stations
  • Custom Machining Center



Design and manufacture of backshell adapters, shielded conduit systems protective covers and specially designed interconnection components.

  • Aerospace Adaptors and Solutions
  • High Temperature Aerospace Connectors
  • Circular & Rectangular Adaptors
  • Conduit Systems
  • Protection Covers. Blanking Covers.
    Dummy Receptacles
  • TAK Single Part Adaptors and Feedthrough Kits
  • Marine Bronze Cable Harness Accessories



  • Design and manufacture of high reliability industrial electrical connection
  • A leader in the field of plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes using the butt technology
  • Decontactor plugs and out-lets for industrial purposes
  • Plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes
  • Decontactor sockets for explosive environments
  • Multicontacts connectors
  • Other connectors
  • Boxes
  • Other connection products


smiths connectors

  • High reliability, high performance interconnect solutions and electrical/electronic connectors
  • 50 years of experience in deceloping innovate interconnect solutions for high reliability applications
    • Civil aerospace
    • Military aerospace
    • Space
    • Rail traction
    • Industry/test
    • Medical
  • Hypertac connectors: ideal for harsh and demanding environment



Leading Connector maufacturer dedicated to the industrial, military and aerospace markets and a specialist in extreme environment connectors

  • Applications
    • Civil & Miltary Aircraft/Helicopter
    • Defense Equipment
    • Spaces
    • Railways
    • Geophysics & Marine
    • Manufacturing Environment
    • Instrumentation
    • Motorsport


Fischer Connectors

  • Design manufacture and distribution of high-performance connectors for
    • Medical equipment
    • Industrial instruments
    • Measuring and testing devices
    • Broadcast
    • Telecommunication
    • Military applications
  • SD / HD triax
  • HD fiber optic (Camera to CCU)
  • Fiber optic (Audio and data)
  • Multipole (Power, signal and data)



  • 47 years of experience in highly precise manufacture of hand materials
  • 25 years in the field of optical connectors:
    – E-2000
    – F-3000
    – FC. SC. ST. LSA
  • Products:
    – Connectors
    – Attenuators
    – Free-beam macro optics
    – OEM
    – Space products
  • Headquarter in Losone, Switzerland.
    Worldwide 9 subsidiaries and more than 40 representations.


Cinch Connectors

  • A multi-national manufacture of a broad range of interconnect products
    – AMC
    – Barrier Blocks
    – Cylindrical – Omega
    – D-subminiature
    – Dura-Con
    – Microminiature
    – Jones Plugs & Sockets
    – Miniature Ribbon
    – ModICE – SHS
    – NX, RF, Z-axis Compression
  • Markets:
  • Transportation
  • Telecom
  • Mil/Aero


Schaltbau GmbH

Electromechanical components and systems for transportation and industrial applications that call for high availability

  • Industrial applications:
    – Connectors
    – Snap-action switches
    – Contactors
  • Railway applications:
    – Electrics for rolling stock


New Chapel Electronics Ltd

Quality manufacturers of interconnection systems to the Aerospace and Defence Industries

  • Backshell solution:
    – Screened Backshell Design Service
    – Circular, Rectangular, D and Micro D
    – Connector Adaptors
    – Conduit Adaptors
    – Connector Accessories


Optical Cable Corporation

“Provides the best protection for optical fibers in the widest product assortment available in the market!”

  • Tight buffered fiber optic cable
  • Datacommunications:
    – Campus, building & FTTD cabling
    – Military tactical
    – Mining
    – Shipboard
    – Security
    – Industrial controls
  • Telecommunications:
    – FTTH, FTTC, pre-terminated and pre-laced racks & patch cords


DRI Relays Inc. STPI

Design and manufacture of electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices and mating sockets, for applications that require high reliability and long life in harsh environments.

    • Aerospace
    • Marine
    • Military
    • Railway
    • Space


TE Connectivity Deutsch

  • Power & signal connectors
  • Modules
  • Power, signal & Databus contacts
  • Accessories
  • HF & coil cable assembles
  • Filtered connectors
  • Optical connectors
  • Modules
    • Civil & Mil aerospace
    • Naval
    • Space
    • Offshore
    • Railways
    • Automotive
    • Telecom