Electrical and fiber optical connectors, cable systems and components

T&G Elektro is a leading Norwegian supplier of electrical and fiber optical cable systems, harness solutions and connectors for defence, space, telecommunication and offshore applications.

We have delivered quality products and solutions since 1955 and are known for our technical innovations based on carefully planning and precision work together with our customers and partners world wide.


T&G organization information
We offer a big variety from micro connectors, PCB connectors and high speed connectors to high power connectors for power supply. Since 1982 we have been working with Fiber Optics and are able to offer small patch-cords from stock up to complex AeroSpace harnesses.

Today T&G work both as an agent, representative or distributor for different connector, cable and tool manufacturer around the world as well as an assembly house for connectors and an integrated manufacturer of special cable solutions. We offer production of fiber optics from 3 different production sites, connector assembly from 2 sites and cable assembly from 4 sites. We have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge about the market, and we offer complete standard solutions with "off the shelf" components to special custom solutions.

We use CAD 2D and 3D software and offer complete documentation packages and test documents.